Based on Working with Wonder, a teacher’s handbook in experiential learning in the natural sciences, this workshop teaches a fundamental, conceptual understanding of energy, from the time the world began to the present. Learners act out the science of the Big Bang, creation of the solar system and evolution. They participate in a drama based on myths about energy, mime the act of give and take towards a state of balance, understand light waves using rope and electricity using ping pong balls. They enact a drama in which the Alex Eco Angels heal the planet and repair their community, that is suffering from non delivery and poverty, by engaging in recycling and use of alternative energy.

 This is a lesson on Energy using the MamaEarth holistic teaching method based on  Working with Wonder, which has a foreword by the late Minister Kader Asmal.  

Video by Pro Biz Productions – Our thanks to Tim who was helpful and enthusiastic. Cell: 072 109 0290  – Tim  that Robinson.

Energy Workshop Photos