MamaEarth offers a range of products which are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Our flagship solar system, the Sunegy Solar Cart is a modular solar power station. For more information on the system click here. For details on the rest of our range simply scroll down.

Sunegy Solar System

productsThe SUNEGY Solar System is a portable mini solar power station. It is slient and environmentally friendly and can be used as a back up for power outages or as a source of power in remote areas. The system is modular allowing it to be customised to a variety of specifications.

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StoveTech – Biomass Stove

Stovetech Biomass Stove

Stovetech Biomass Stove

Cook Efficiently

Save Energy with the Stovetech Biomass Cooking Stove. The Stovetech needs a minimal amount of wood or charcoal to start the cooking process. It is solid, made of ceramics with a metal coating and retains heat, thus keeping a small room warm even after the fire is extinguished.






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Wonderbag Insulation Cooker

Wonderbag Insulation Cooker

Boil it, Bag it, Stand it, Serve it.

Reduce CO2 Emissions and save water and fuel. The WONDERBAG is a simple miracle of energy efficiency, based on the technology of insulation. It is perfect for the current slow food revolution. It cooks stews, grains, soups or veggies to perfection. It reduces electricity usage by up to 80% for a single meal, saving money and lowering CO2 emissions.





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SunegyMini Ultra Portable - Solar System

SunegyMini Ultra Portable – Solar System

 Ultra Portable – Solar System

SUNEGYmini is great for camping and emergency lighting. It’s our smallest solar power system and powers 3 LED lights for up to 12 hours. Use fewer lights and it lasts longer. It is light, resembles a portable radio, has a USB port that can charge most cell phones and even some tablets.




The SUNEGYMini system includes:

One 4 Watt solar panel with 5m cable

Three Cool White LED Bulbs of 2Watt, 1Watt and 0.5Watt

5m cable for each bulb

1 x USB Charge port 800MAh

2 x 6 volt CR123 lithium batteries solar controller/ battery charger (built into base unit).

Voltmeter and red charging status LED


Services and Products



MamaEarth can provide information and recommendations on SERVICES offered for Energy Efficiency, and on PRODUCTS related to renewable energy and health.

Our work has exposed us to a range of ESCO’s ( Energy Service Companies) registered with Eskom , and to Products and Service Providers in the sustainability arena, with some of whom we partner, in delivering sustainable solutions to the public.


WE offer demonstrations on SUSTAINABLE LIVING techniques and products for large companies and community groups.

These provide an insight into sustainable living and green products, such as solar water geysers, photo voltaic panels for electricity production, healthy cook stoves used with wonder bags, cooking methods, and healthy menus.

We demonstrate how an award winning healthy cook stove can be used to prepare food  using small quantities of wood, wood chips, biomass briquettes or charcoal and then matured using a wonder bag. This makes candles and paraffin stoves unnecessary and prevents untold deaths and illnesses caused by fires and toxic smoke inhalation. It also provides a handy solution when there are power outages.

The same applies to to a range of PV lanterns and lights that MamaEarth promotes and to the modular solar cart that has been designed by MamaEarth for use in remote places off the grid, or at homes that experience power outages.

A combination of simple, inexpensive, or relatively inexpensive items can provide cooking and lighting solutions for anyone without grid connectivity, for campers, or for homes affected by power outages.