MamaEarth offers classes in sustainable living for learners from grade 4 to grade 7.

We do workshops in Climate Change, Biomass Cook stoves, Saving our Environment, Solar Energy, Understanding Energy and Ecology, Healthy Lifestyle, Happiness, Study Skills and Recycling.


We run a Recycling Program whereby the children are given a bag each in which to bring home waste to school. At school they deposit plastics, glass, cans and paper into wheelie bins. The material is then collected by a recycling NGO in Alex.

RECYCLING PRIZE GIVING is held at the end of the year to reward the class that collects the most waste.

We also assist the school to become self sustaining with solar water geyser, rainwater harvester, food garden and recycling program.


Recognizing the importance of including parents in their kids’ education, we demonstrate the year’s work at an end of year concert and award prizes to the most responsive learners.

A pilot for all of the above was conducted at Dr Knak Primary school in 2011-2012.


This is a video of the Sustainable Living concert for Gr 4 to 7 learners at Dr Knak School in Alex.

Video by Pro Biz Productions: Cell: 072 109 0290 Tim Robinson

Parents Concert and Prize Giving