Educational Material


MamaEarth offers many forms of education in sustainable living, covering the fields of

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Growing organic food gardens and herbs
  • Understanding energy and how it connects all matter
  • Using energy to build a positive future
  • How to impact positively on the world
  • How to counter climate change
  • How to create the world of your choices
  • The importance of balance.

Material is presented in the form of blogs, articles, pamphlets, books (online and hard copy), power point presentation, demonstrations and lectures on youtube.

  1. Cooperative  Learning-“Working with Wonder
  2. Herbs
  3. Making your mind up (Cathy to send link or material )
  4. Safer stove lighting-Basa Njenga Magogo
  5. Making your Mind UP

Learn more about working with wonder here