Books for a healthier, and more sustainable world.

MamaEarth Members have written a range of books which promote our core values of sustainable living, caring for the environment and being mindful of ourselves and the world we live in. The books are available directly from MamaEarth and can also be found at a variety of bookstores.

Working With Wonder

‘A Handbook for Holistic Education in Natural Sciences’

Review by J. L. Marais in Science in Africa – download

Working With Wonder by Ruth Rabinowitz is not a glossy reference book for children. It is, however, a comprehensive 294 page handbook on sharing natural sciences with the young.

The book is full of unique resources to assist the teacher, parent or grandparent to raise the learners level of expectations of themselves and give them confidence to want to participate in the lesson at whatever level of learning they are at. It will draw a positive response and the enthusiasm to investigate our youth’s own choice of natural ‘wonder’.

As I turned the pages, along the path that Ruth Rabinowitz has traveled to compile this publication, I re-lived my own life and supplemented a past of my own – which we all have and can all share with the young developing minds of the learner. Her valuable handbook is an inspiration to teachers to use those inborn traits that led them to choosing education as a career.

As a medical doctor and a student of science herself, Dr. Rabinowitz MP, has meticulously categorized some of the ways that the subjects in all fields of Natural Science can be enjoyed and understood.

From her experience in creativity groups, dance and drama teaching, she shares examples for group participation in her valuable publication.

Working with Wonder…
To examine the facts with practical experiment or established confirmation.
To appreciate the myths, their meanings and purpose.
To express silently in mime
To play fairly in the game
To characterize with art *
To express rhythmically in dance
To compose emotionally in drama
To explore memory and meaning in music.

The handbook contains numerous diagrams *(visual learning) in various levels of difficulty – for ages 6-18 years.

Working With Wonder dedicates a chapter to poetry, with some well known verses by classic writers as well as some South African poets. Poetry is very much at the forefront in this handbook. I have found poetry to be one of the finest ways of understanding, retaining and expressing knowledge as well as feelings. Teachers will derive great pleasure in sharing and participating in this time tested holistic teaching method.

Dr. Rabinowitz quotes the late Carl Sagan on the importance of dynamic education: “As a result of the rapid social and technological changes over the last few centuries, the World is not working so well. The solution is to teach people to think, not only analytically, but creatively and conceptually as well.”

As I closed the book, a verse by the late R. L. Stevenson came to mind.
“The World is so full of such wonderful things. We should all be as happy – as happy as kings”

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Tiny Tips – A Range of  Small Herb Books for the Fun of Experimenting

Well-known aromatherapist, Adele Nel, has published the first set of books in her Herb Essence range, aimed at anyone with a love of herbs, but specifically the novice who may have been given a potted herb and has no idea how to care for it.  Beautifully illustrated with original water colour pictures, they offer a wealth of information on caring for the herb, as well as culinary, medicinal and cosmetic tips.  Adele has even included the individual herb’s fascinating history, a few poems (some original) and some safety tips on using the herb’s essential oil.

Each book is dedicated to one herb, and the range comprises Master Mint, Count Coriander, Laird Thyme, Miss Rosemary, Senora Sage and Lady Lavender.

According to Adele, she wanted to keep the price as low as possible, so she cleverly combined a book and a gift card – the first page leaves space for a special message to a friend.  At the suggested retail price of only R35, they make an ideal gift, and a quick reference, for anyone who loves herbs.