1. Energy’s Best Kept Secret

Roger Metcalfe explains the value of photo voltaic technology and its impact on modern life.

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2. IRP Social Development (Low Carbon Conference)

Dr Ruth Rabinowitz comments on the failings in the IRP 2010 with regard to Social Development

3. Dr Knack Biomass-Day

Biomass Day held at Dr Knak school in Alex MamaEarth provides practical demonstrations to learners and teachers on safe and sustainable use of fire.

4. Current renewables targets as much a hindrance as a help

Article by Ruth Rabinowitz in Engineering News about the potential for the conversion of waste to energy.

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5. Ecology in Ancient Religious Texts

“In Most Religions Humans Are Guardians Of The Earth.”

Speech delivered by Dr Ruth Rabinowitz Director of MamaEarth Foundation at the Interfaith

6. “MamaEarth on REFIT versus REBID” at Energy Indaba
7. Be-leaf in Alex launch

Launch of MamaEarth Belief in Alex job Creation program in July 2011.

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8. Submission to NERSA re Eskom price hike

MamaEarth submission to NERS on proposed Eskonm priced hike

9. Recycling in Enclosed Zones

Ruth Rabinowitzs encourages residents to partner with MamaEarth by creating neighborhood recycling zones.

10. Letters to Political parties re: poster recycling

MamaEarth asks all political parties to respond to their query as to plans for recycling political posters

11. Plastic Recycling Needs Improving

Ruth Rabinowitz explains the weaknesses in plastics recycling policy.

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