Sunegy Modular Solar Solutions

The SUNEGY solar cart is a portable mini power station that can be used as a back up for power outages or as a source of power in areas that don’t have grid connectivity. Hence for people in rural areas or campers, it offers up to 4 Led lights plus connectivity to the world through radio, charged cellphone, laptop and TV. It provides enough power for home entertainment for 4 hours without sunlight or to run an internet café for 6 hours.

It is modular in design and can be adapted to various needs, ranging from a 6oo watt output to 100 watt. The size of the solar panel affects the rate of charging, the battery the amount of storage required and the regulator and invertor match the capacity of the outfit.

Specs on the 600 watt SUNEGY Solar Cart are as follows:

1 x 250W / 130W / 80W 12V/24V SolarWorld Panel Poly
5hours 1day 2days Charge Times vary for each solar panel
1 x 12V / 100Ah Semi sealed battery
1 x 10A 12/24V Charge Controller with LCD
1 x 600W / 12V Pure Sinewave inverter
1 x 10M UV Protected Cable For Solar Panel
1 x 10M Power Lead

Can provide power for 8 hours at night

The System:

The Solar Power System is scalable and consists of DC Generation Solar Panels, a Photovoltaic Charge Controller, Batteries (Bank) and,if 220 or 110 V AC Power is required, an Inverter is also supplied.

The various parts perform the following functions:

1. Solar Panels: The solar panel/s forms the core for generating photovoltaic electricity, and transforms solar energy into Direct Current Electricity. It is also one of the more expensive components in the network, and quantities have major impact on overall System costs.

2. Photovoltaic Charge Controller: The Charge Controller regulates and measures the Voltage and Amperage of the DC Charge that enters the Battery Bank. It also provides for network protection in case of Surges and Over-Discharge. The generation capacity of the system may also influence the de-rating factor (or temperature) and as such, a regulator with the ability to compensate may be required. Regulators can have additional functionality such as Optical and / or Control Switching.

3. Battery Bank: The Battery Bank (usually consisting of 2 Batteries or more) stores the converted Electricity for usage within the Network. The selection of the type of battery will have an impact on the Network Performance. Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel-Cadmium or Lithium Batteries are available, and this also impacts on the System costs.

4. Inverter: The Inverter is a Solar Direct Current Converter from the DC Charge Current of 12V DC, 24V DC or 48V DC to 220V AC (120V AC can be provided if required) in order to power normal AC appliances from the Solar Network. This naturally will have an impact on Network Performance.

The Sunegy 600W Solar System is a complete Unit, and is shipped ready for immediate use. It includes the Solar Panel, Solar Charge Controller, DC/AC Converter, and 1 Lead Calcium Batteries. It is a simple and noise free solution, which generates electricity from the most economical device, our sun. This system can aid greatly in long term cost savings, as well as in situations where breaks in service delivery occur, or load shedding is being performed.

Sunegy 600w(600W) Home solar power generator system
Load appliances Specifications Power Consumption Amount Daily working hour Daily power consumption
Lighting LED 11W 4 6 264W
Radio 3W 1 6 18W
Satellite Antenna 25W 1 6 150W
TV 19LCD 35W 1 6 210W
computer LCD 200 3 600
Fan DC 15W 2 4 120
Total 307W 1362W
System Components:Solar panels:250Wp; Battery:100AH/12V;
Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter: 600W ; Controller:10A ;