Earth Day 2020: Love Earth


Has Earth day ever meant so much to the entire population of our Mother Earth, Gaia, as it does this year? I doubt it. When else were we so aware of our dependence on the earth for food, clean water and healthy air? When else made so aware of every footstep we take, where we take it and why?

Does it matter if we squeeze more minerals from the earth, stealing territory from wild animals, to create another fashionable gizmo; if we make the internet faster, rush off to buy the latest style from the 50 % sale at wherever, or fly to do business, or tour, in distant locations? Do we need to serve ourselves so much that half of it is tossed in the bin? Do we need to buy penny farthing clothes, flighted across the world, made with human bondage and micro fibres that poison fish? MUST we be plied with adverts to buy or bust and receive packages 100 times larger than their wares?

Have we woken yet to the need for custodians of our future?  Leaders who don’t mouth platitudes about jobs and growth, but who focus on creating sustainable businesses, applied education and public spending that nurtures questioning, creativity, fairness and justice; Health Systems that spend more on personnel and real time care, and less on bureaucracy and insurance managers; Equal Access, that affords people the opportunity to rise.

Information systems should help us to manage harm, not promote sales. Surveillance Capitalism should be replaced by open honest communication; private manipulation balanced with responsible, accountable government controls. It will take time to change priorities, to balance controlling people with allowing them freedom of choice. If we need robotics it is to this fruitful end- Unity with Diversity. What better teacher than the Earth where no two organisms are identical, yet all are bound by laws of give and take and interconnected by chemical processes, moving towards a state of balance when allowed to do so.    

The Earth seems strangely unperturbed by our current predicament; even happier that we have lightened our footprint. The moon shines luminously, the sun is bright. In the northern hemisphere daffodils herald Spring; the trees rustle, bend and sweep their burgeoning branches across the sky. Fish repopulate rivers, air quality improves. Nature is like a Spirit summoning us back to our true selves, where there is no double standard or entitlement, but rather patience, perseverance and self- reliance.

In our unnatural separation we have become universally bonded, we have come back to basics, as gardeners, cleaners, painters, dancers, singers and exercisers. The best of the web has brought us entertainment, lessons and global information. But while the Earth smiles, and some discover a more authentic self, many humans are paying with home violence, depression, fear, poverty and death. The wisest among us have acknowledged the equal importance of every individual, our need for shared responsibility and the gratitude we owe to those who support us.

What a waste this will all have been, if we merely battle to regain our foothold on the tightrope we were already walking, towards climate demise. What a boon if we connect as a species to find best practices in government, health care, communication and custodianship of the Earth and if we recognize that like all her inhabitants, our Earth thrives on love and respect. The stakes could not be higher; the times more ripe for change.


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About the Author
Dr Ruth Rabinowitz is the Director MamaEarth Foundation. She is a medical doctor who was an MP for 15 years. She served as Health Spokesperson, worked on the Constitutional Committee, Education, Arts and Culture, Science and Technology, Energy, and Environment, promoting solutions that enabled people to help others when they help themselves.
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  1. Yael Horwitz Reply
    What a beautifully written article. You have said everything that I feel about this lock down. This has given the world time to breathe and heal. Thanks Ruth, keep writing. With love and hugs Yael Horwitz

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