• Ruth Rabinowitz: Director

    Dr Ruth Rabinowitz is a medical doctor who was an MP for 15 years. She served as Health Spokesperson , worked on the Constitutional Committee, Education, Arts and Culture, Science and Technology, Energy, and Environment, promoting solutions that enabled people to help others when they help themselves.

    “My work has always been based on the principle of balance and I believe that we should think of ecology as a metaphor for everything we do and think. In parliament and in my community work I support pluralism, competitive free markets, independent civil society, and decentralized authority within minimum regulatory frameworks that ensure accountability and transparency.”

    Ruth is author of a teachers’ hand book on education in the natural sciences for children aged 6 to16, “Working with Wonder” which includes Games, Myths, Stories, Science, Creativity and Projects. “In this plastic world, I strive to keep alive authenticity, questioning and a wonder for life and much of the material in my book forms the foundation of project work I have undertaken with communities.”

    "In 2007 I formed a nonpartisan group of parliamentarians, the eREACT ( e parliament Renewable Energy Activists) to promote interest in renewable energy in parliament and government. I sponsored a private members bill on the REFIT (Renewable Energy Feed in tariff) currently, the most effective method in the world of promoting uptake of renewable energy. I also sponsored a Private Members Bill on the outlawing of Transfats which was accepted and is now part of SA’s legislative lexicon.”

    After leaving parliament Dr Rabinowitz established the MamaEarth Foundation, to promote healthy people on a health planet. The foundation achieves this through legislative initiatives and advocacy to foster sustainability; education about sustainability to schoolchildren and adults; projects based on the use of renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. “There’s only one earth and each of us has only one life. Our actions have a ripple effect around the globe. We invite you to join us as we act locally and think globally, with the ultimate goal of promoting peace on a flourishing planet, Earth.”

  • Cathy Plewman: Education Manager

    “Having worked across a range of professions, from arts to education to business, I realize that interlinking threads connect all people, things, types of work and disciplines. Aspiring to be the best you can be and inspiring others to become that for themselves is the finest career choice we can make. We shape the job as we shape ourselves and our future on the planet.”

    Cathy is the founder and was principal of Cedarwood School in Johannesburg, a school for children with learning difficulties. She now has a thinking skills business, Making Your Mind UP!, and does thinking skills training and development for learners and educators. Her educator's handbook, "Making Your Mind UP!", is set to be published in 2013.

  • Deon Nel: IT development

    “I work in research and development for SITA, deep rural activity, IT and telecommunication as well as with government departments and on legislation. I have personally installed countless sustainable features in my home, which could exist on an island, although it is in the heart of Pretoria. Hence I am my own judge of what is fake and what fact. Living sustainably is a joy; it pays!"
  • Adele Nel

    Adele Nel is an author,herbalist, and aromatherapist who is passionate about growing food gardens everywhere. Adele believes that all visionary disciplines surrounding the GREEN ideal can be enhanced and superbly finished off by integrating edible gardens into their sustainable systems. Her vision is to educate and share the principles of Permaculture, setting a new standard for garden layouts, green architecturally designed living spaces, office buildings, housing estates and even inner city parks.
  • Jonathan Curren: Projects advisor

    Jonathan is Managing Director of Camco in South Africa and has 13 years in the field of renewable energies and sustainability. He consults to the public and private sector on energy and climate change.
  • Harald Schulz: Education adviser and SESSA’s Mr Sunshine.

    “Renewable and sustainable energy is my interest, with education being the cornerstone. My strong belief is that one learns through doing, playing, building. A picture speaks a thousand words. Building a successful project, whether building a toy or building a solar installation is worth a million.”
  • Kristina Gubic

    Kristina Gubic is an independent social development and communications consultant that began her career as a self-taught environmental journalist tackling issues such as water, energy and human / wildlife conflicts across Southern Africa. She provides social and environmental program design, impact reporting and strategic communications to foundations and NGOs around corporate social responsibility and sustainable development via participatory consultation and storytelling. Kristina brings a multi-sectorial approach to her work that spans media, NGOs and corporates where she has applied her knowledge in stakeholder engagement, rural community development, water delivery, climate change, sustainable livelihoods and enterprise development around ecotourism in organizations such as WaterForAll / PlayPumps International, Sasol’s Community Affairs and Africa Foundation. She has worked in over 15 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe and has been widely published. In 2013, Kristina launched the Africanscribe Foundation that will provide mentorship and training support to potential candidates from rural communities wishing to pursue careers in journalism, public relations and communications. BA (Honours) in Journalism and Media Studies, Wits University; GIZ Climate Leadership Alumni 2012; British Council Pan African Leadership InterAction Alumni 2005, SAB Environmental Journalist Award Winner 2005; SAB Environmental Journalist Awards Panel Judge 2006-2007.
  • Jonathan Hilligan

    Jonathan is social anthropologist who specializes is development.
  • Tribute

    MamaEarth pays tribute to former members who have passed on, Prof Ivan May and Peet du Plooy. They generously shared knowledge and guidance with us in their equally inspired dedication to a happy, healthy world.


  • Prof Dieter Holme

    Dieter now runs the SOTRAIN initiative which is a partnership of SESSA with the SA government to provide training and solutions for the Solar Water Geyser program. He is recognized as the father of renewable energy in SA having written books on the subject and led the way in the lifestyle he has created for himself.
  • Terry Murphy

    Terry is the General Manager of the Mobile Marketing Association’s SA Local Council. He has extensive knowledge of marketing, mobiles and management, having run his own IT business for many years.
  • Candice Goodman

    Candice Goodman is the first Certified Mobile Marketer in South Africa and the Deputy-Chair of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA of SA). She heads up their Education & Training committee, and just launched the first official Tier-1 MMA Training course in South Africa.

    According to Google, 70% of social media is accessed from a mobile phone in South Africa, therefore, says Candice, support of a mobile friendly environment is imperative to the success of any social media strategy or implementation. Candice designs mobile campaigns for top brands in SA and is enthusiastic to work from the recipient end, in order to teach people how to capitalize on the scope of mobile technology for choices, culture and education. She sees the empowering role of a single mobile device as being limitless.